Testimonials About Lorraine Govender

Lorraine Govender has been a great addition to our mentoring team. Lorraine’s thoughtful, hands-on and thorough approach to how she takes mentees on a journey to reaching their greatest potential and making a success of their enterprise has been outstanding. The consummate professional, Lorraine is a pleasure to work with and her amazing skills in this area are plain to see in the rapid development of the entrepreneur in both soft and hard skills, resulting in increased revenue.

Gontse Mbelu
(Social Innovation Specialist – SA Breweries)

I would like to think that I was called to serve and being in business is the way in which this manifests itself , how it comes to life. Business is the vehicle my soul has chosen to let me come forth and express myself more fully. But there have been times where I have felt like hiding out, feared being exposed, doubted , and had an identity much like Peter , when he was frightened of the wind, while walking on My mentoring journey with Lorraine has been that hand that’s pulled me out of the water while CONSTANTLY reminding me NOT TO DOUBT. It’s made me realize that the “ more” that my soul wanted when I became an entrepreneur is not necessarily money or freedom but a career with meaning and connection. Its taught me to put haste in executing plans and goals . But above all its taught me that in order to create a business that I love, and one that serves the world, makes an impact, I must do my personal and spiritual growth work. In a motivational email she once said ‘ this journey is not for the weak at heart or the frail of spirit. It’s for the strong the wise and the inspired’ and I’ve been privileged to get all three, strength, wisdom and inspiration from our sessions.

Lona Mnguni
(CEO – Gracenet Logistics)

Lorraine helps us to bring clarity to our business problems, prioritize them, and focus on the resolution. It helps to have someone that can help me make sound business decisions as a small business. Her intervention helps me think strategically and focus on the growth of the business. She adds significant value in the growth of our business.

Sibongile Booi
(CEO – Second Office East London)

Lorraine’s wealth of experience in the corporate sector, her experience in motivating and leading strategic teams really came through in how she approached her project with the East London Industrial Development Zone. She was able to appeal to our employees at all levels – from our receptionist to our top level executives and keep them engaged, inspired and motivated. Months after she has left our organisation – our employees are still asking for her material and are applying it even today.


Ayanda Ramncwana
(Corporate Communications Manager – East London IDZ)

A mentor, confidante, supporter, encourager and motivator are just some of the words I use to describe Lorraine Govender, the phenomenal woman who I am blessed to also call a friend. Equipped with a business sense that can only be described as worldclass, a mindset and philosophy that sets hearts alight and coupled with her deep sense of faith, Lorraine is a dynamic and innovative woman that is set to change the world one person at a time . Lorraine’s calm nature, deep sensitivity as well as her understanding and empathy for those that surround her, make Lorraine the epitome of a mentor – a person you feel comfortable around and proud to be associated with. Our journey began through a coaching interaction, where we were blessed to form a relationship that has blossomed into a mentorship but more so a friendship. I am inspired, humbled and awed by what Lorraine has done and continues to do, and I cannot wait to continue growing with her as our journey continues.

Poonam Harry-Nana
(Manager – Harry’s Photos and Copies)